October 30, 2013

DIY...Halloween Party Decor

As promised here are some shots of our Halloween Party's decor.  I decided to have food bars so that I wasn't rushing to make something difficult prior to the party.  We had a baked potato bar with bacon, broccoli, sour cream (a french onion one that I made and plain), shredded cheddar cheese, butter, and chopped green onions.  I also picked up some festive tortilla chips from Target that were black and orange so I served those with my homemade salsa.  Finally I had a popcorn bar with lots of different mix in's including caramel pieces, chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels, butter, salt, and cinnamon sugar.  Overall the food was pretty simple and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it!  

Most of the containers I had laying around the house or I borrowed from my mom.  I did however buy some bats and some festive label covers from Michael's that had been marked down 60% from the Martha Stewart section.  I also took an idea I saw on Pinterest and made the table look like it had witches feet for legs.  I took a pair of old shoes of my mom's and some old soccer socks and pulled the socks over the table legs and then put the table legs on top of the shoes.  Everyone loved that touch.  Pinterest for the win once again!

Thanks so much for stopping by!