December 3, 2018

Santa's Brunch

We headed to our club for the annual Santa's Brunch on Sunday and had a wonderful time seeing Santa, spending time with loved ones and starting the holiday season off right!
Walking over to meet Santa

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with festive fun!  Happy December!


November 27, 2018

Sawyer and Kinley's Birthdays

This year for Sawyer and Kinley's birthdays in July I decided to have them on the same date at the same place but highlight each of their themes in two different areas.  It worked out great because everything happened at the same time but the kids felt like they didn't have to share a theme.

Sawyer chose a Lego theme and Kinley asked for a unicorn theme.  They were both so fun to create and I already can't wait to see what they decide on for next year!

Special thanks to my wonderful friend Dani of Birch and Twine for capturing these beautiful photos.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

November 26, 2018

Halloween/My Birthday

This year we decided to have just one party that combined Halloween and my Birthday and it ended up being a great choice.  Everyone was had such great costumes and the food was on point.  The only thing I wish I would have done was take more pictures of the decor. 
Slaying Napoleon Dynamite 
My girlfriend Allie dressed up as me!
Some of the ladies
My aunt, my mom and I
More of the Girls!
My Stormtrooper and I as Cleopatra 
Our friends dressed up as us!
My parents

Here's to another fabulous year!  Can't wait to make it another great one!

Thanks so much for stopping by!