August 11, 2015

Recent Happenings...Our Trip Oregon

We recently returned from a 12 day road trip to Oregon which was so fun!  We lived there for many years so it is always so much fun getting to return and see all of our old friends.  While a road trip didn't sound like the most fun thing ever with a 1 and 3 year old it did end up going better then expected.  Tice was convinced we would need to stop every 45 minutes to sooth a crying kid but Kinley did pretty go on the way out there and fantastic on the way back.  I honestly think it was because she had been trained at that point...she realized crying wasn't going to do her any good and that she should just sit back, enjoy the view, play with her toys, and relax!  Sawyer was a rockstar from start to finish and I think that is because he has been on this road trip many times so it's no big deal any more!  Just give him the iPad and he is a happy camper!

Now for a picture overload!
Our favorite place to eat in Boise- we stopped there for the night on the way out there
A little happy hour action with some friends while we were there- we went to Clark Lewis in Portland- love that place!

Loved getting to have the kids all play together- this was Kinley, Sawyer, and my girlfriend Erin's daughter Emma
My favorite food item ever!!!! Seriously couldn't imagine coming to Portland and not getting a Reggie at Pine State Biscuits
Sawyer and Court taking a selfie!
A quick trip to Target
Tice showing his love for our favorite winery
We also took a quick trip to the coast...Rockaway Beach to be exact

Fun dinners with friends never get old!
Stats from our trip home...we drove the entire stretch in one day...and boy was it a long day!

Thanks so much for stopping by!