December 28, 2015

How I Spent....Christmas

Well in the blink of an eye Christmas Day has come and gone.  We had a wonderful one though!  We spent Christmas Eve being lazy before all getting ready to head to our club for their annual lobster and prime rib buffet.  Right before leaving I handed over the kids Christmas Eve boxes filled with a Christmas book, matching PJ's and small toys and candy.  They were a big hit and perfect to distract them at dinner.  This year Tice booked their private dining room so that we could let the kids run around without bothering anyone and it was the best idea ever!  The kids were seriously doing laps after they hit up the dessert table and I don't think everyone would have thought that was as funny as we did.

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Santa sure spoiled us!

Then on Christmas day we enjoyed Christmas morning at our house and enjoyed watching the kids open their presents.  This year Santa was on his A game when it came to selecting gifts for us!  The kids LOVED everything they received with their favorites being a train track set for Sawyer and a pop up-crawl through tent and a Bitty Baby American Girl Doll for Kinley.  

As for me, I love this new Patagonia pullover that I received and had been eyeing for a LONG time!  I also picked up some new pajamas from Target, these leopard print ones are so soft and these plaid ones are perfectly festive!  Santa got Tice a new putting green that he can unroll and use in the man cave or at his office.

After presents we go ready and headed over to my parents and enjoyed a late lunch.  After lunch and Kinley's nap we headed over to my sister in law's for dinner.  We were FULL by the end of the day but getting to enjoy so much family time was wonderful!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday!  Thanks so much for stopping by!