October 26, 2011

How I Spent My...Weekend

We returned Sunday from an amazing extended weekend in Colorado.  Here are some highlights!
 Mom on our brewery bike tour
 Mom and I at the game
 Leah and I tailgating
 Me, Tice, Mac, and Jason
 Mac and Jason
 Tice and Mom
Tice and I
 Mac and Tice
Mom and Dad
What the bike rack looked like after we all got to the first location- a lot of people thought Leah had an awesome idea
 Beer at the first location
 Waiting to get the tour started
 Still waiting
 Zach and I at my early birthday dinner at the Kitchen in Boulder
The whole family at the Kitchen
Tice and I at dinner

All in all it was an amazing time with amazing friends and family!  I can't wait to get back there at Christmas time and spent more time together!