October 17, 2011

What's for Dinner...Slow Cooker Edition

What’s For Dinner…Slow Cooker Edition
I typically don’t like potato filled soups because they tend to be watery instead of creamy- especially if you don’t use tons of butter and heavy cream in them- but the sound of baked potato soup just kept popping up lately and sounding good so when I saw this EASY slower cooker  HYPERLINK "http://www.mamalovesfood.com/2009/06/baked-potato-soup-slow-cooker-style.html" recipe I just had to try it!

After trying it I am sticking to my guns that there just aren’t GREAT potato soup recipes if they aren’t filled with butter, oil, or cream.  I followed the recipe to a T this time and it tasted fine but nothing I will ever make again!