October 5, 2011

What's for Dinner...Sunday Supper

Tice (hubby) and I both love to cook and since Sundays tend to be the days we get the chance to just be lazy and hang around the house we love to make meals together that take longer to cook then our normal weeknight meals. This past Sunday we decided to make what is commonly referred to in an Italian American household as Sunday Gravy.  For those of us that are not Italian (such as Tice and I) it really means a meat packed red sauce served over pasta.  We had seen the recipe on an episode of American’s Test Kitchen but as always I can’t really follow a recipe to a T (I just can’t resist adding more garlic or onions to the recipes most of the time) so we followed most of the directions and here is how it turned out.
Getting ready to brown the hot Italian sausage links
Mixing the ingredients together of the meatball component of the recipe.

My finished meatballs ready to be thrown into the sauce
Final product!  Tice loved the meatballs!