March 18, 2012

Steals and Deals

My friend Wendy and I met up Monday morning to hit up this special baby resale called Bottom Dollar Baby Sale.  Because we are both currently expecting they let in new moms to be before anyone else was let in the doors.  Good thing we were because by the time we walked in a couple of the excellent deals had already been snatched up but not before her and I could get our hands on a couple!  Here are some of the deals I was able to score.

Nature's Touch cradle swing by fisher price- Available from Walmart
Normally this swing would have cost $125-150 depending on where it is purchased but I was able to score it with a set of batteries for $25!

Bumbo Seat and Tray $12.50 in Mint Green

Hanging Closet Divider $7.50

Playmat- $8.00

Some adorable newborn and 3-6 month sleepers, Baby Gap Jean Jacket $20.00

Jack and Janie Newsboy Cap $4.00

Gap Baby Hats- 2 for $3.00

The Children’s Book “Tails” for $3.00

Everything came to a grand total of $85.00 and I felt like it was all a steal!  There is another one that we are looking forward to attending at the end of April so anything that I still need to pick up at that point I’ll be on the look out for.

Tell me some of the best baby deals you have been able to score over the years?