April 17, 2012

To Be or Not to Be

Tice is going to be a groomsmen in a wedding in August in Telluride.  That means we will be traveling with a 3-4 week old and we can not decide on the best way to travel with the baby at such a young age.   Here are the options that we have lined up so far and we need your help determining which one we should choose.

Option 1- Drive together as a family from Portland to Grand Junction in one or two days depending on traffic and how often we need to stop.
  • PROS:
    • I plan on breastfeeding but in order to make this as quick and painless as possible I also plan on helping supplement with bottles of breast milk.  Therefore I could bottle feed the baby the whole way but we will still need to pull over to change diapers and burp. 
    • I won't be by myself- I'll have help!
  • CONS:
    • The baby will need to be subjected to one day of driving for 15+hours or 2 days of about 8 hours each- that might be a piece of cake or our worst nightmare.
Option 2- Fly me from Portland to Salt Lake City with the baby, the baby carrier and the diaper bag.  Have Tice pick us up at the airport.
  • PROS:
    • This means no car seat to lug around, no stroller to check, and less to cart around.  This also means no car seat to lay the baby down, no stroller to easily manover the baby around in, and only the supplies that fit in the diaper bag and my purse.  But now that I am actually writing this out I don't know how I would get to the airport without a carseat...
  • CONS: 
    • We will still need to be in the car for four hours after we have been at airports all day...
Option 3- Fly me from Portland to Grand Junction
  • PROS:
    • In this case I would have Tice drop me off at the airport with stroller, carseat, carseat base, diaper bag, ERGO, and my purse.  I would hopefully have everything I need that way and could then be picked up in GJ once we landed. 
  • CONS:
    • I will have two different flights and therefore a layover.  I would assume we are traveling for between 6-8 hours total that day which means that it wouldn't be much more then doing half of the drive in one day.
    • I might not have everything I need to travel easily
    • I will be all by myself
If it was up to you which one would you choose?