June 14, 2012

Follow Up

So we went to our follow up ultrasound yesterday.  They were able to confirm that my fluid levels had in fact gone up, from a 6 to a 10.  Who knows if that was due to the fluids that they gave me through an IV at the hospital the night before or if it was because of the gallon and a half of water I drank prior to the appointment yesterday.  Either way that puts us in the clear until our next appointment on Monday where they will measure the levels again.  Last night though I realized that the contractions are here to stay and if nothing else they will continue to get stronger.  Hopefully they hold off and so does the baby until at least Monday- as I am an insane individual who is telling her husband to still go away for the weekend for a long planned golf vacation in Bend, which is about 3 hours away.  Hopefully for Tice's sake, Sawyer doesn't feel like making an appearance until at least Sunday afternoon, once he has returned!