August 2, 2012

Bedtime Update

Hopefully writing this doesn't end the streak we have currently going...

Since starting what I am referring to as the "Bedtime Routine" Sawyer has been doing pretty great! I think the biggest change has been that is has been easier and easier with each night to put him down. We no longer have been having to work to put him down for hours before he actually we head upstairs at 7 give him his bath, change him, swaddle him, and feed him. Then place him in the pack and play and he drifts off to dream land with out much fuss if any...seems to be getting better and better each night.

I'm not sure if it's the bottle which ensures he is going to bed on a full stomach or the routine in and of itself but we got a 4 and a half hour stretch followed by a 3 and a half hour stretch after that two nights ago. Last night he have us a 4 and a 2 and a half but that's perfectly fine by me because he is so much easier to put down to begin with and I know that over time these stretches will get longer and longer!

Know pray for me that this stretch doesn't end because we took Tice to the airport this morning and he won't be here this weekend- his last bachelor party of the summer. My brother Zach is coming into town later today but I'm not sure how much help he is going to be during a 4 AM feeding!