May 25, 2012

What's Packed....for the hosiptal

After reading a ton of different blog posts and articles regarding what you should and shouldn't pack for your stay at the hospital I finally decided to give it a shot and put together a list of the stuff I plan on taking with us becasue I don't want to feel like I picked up the wrong bag as we were heading out the door and that most of the crap I did pack is useless!

The Boppy/Nursing Pillow:  I hear this is almost as important as getting myself to the hospital so we will totally be bring this along!
Comfy Socks:  I typically don't wear anything other then white socks but I do have this one pair of blue fussy socks that seem like it will fit my need perfectly and I could care less if they end up getting ruined!  A win win!
My "Mommy needs to look and feel as good as possible" items (aka makeup, toothbrush, and haircare products):  I may be dilusional when it comes to the amount of use these items will actualy receive while we are in the hospital but I am positive if I feel good I'm going to want to have these items there to actually help me look put together so they are coming along!
Pillows: 1 for me and 1 or 2 for Tice- these also sound like essentials
Sleeping Bag for Tice:  The hospital recommended that he bring a sleeping bag so that he can be as comfortable as possible while we are held up in our hospital room!
PJ's and a Robe:  I am sure I am not going to want to stay in a hospital gown longer then necessary so I purchased some easy to nurse in, comfy PJ's.  As for the robe I'm still on the lookout for the perfect one but I'm positive whatever I choose will help cover my extra large backside as I'm up and moving in that awesome hospital gown prior to delivery.
Snacks:  Again the assortment hasn't been selected yet but I'm positive the peanut butter crackers that they mentioned on our hospital tour just won't cut it so we will be bringing along a large assortment of goodies for both Tice and I.
My tube of Lanolin:  I heard that in order to keep everything feeling good (or as good as possible) that you should start off with this stuff on day one so that's what I plan on doing!
An outfit for Baby while in hospital:  Although I know that they will supply us with a variety of onesies while in the hospital , Sawyer might want to have as many waredrobe changes as his mommy so I'm bring a special onesie that we can take picture of him while at the hospital in. 
A Going Home Outfit for Baby:  Originally I was planning on bring him home in this adorable onesie that says "Hello World" on the front of it but then realized that it would be a stupid selection because the onesie doesn't have legs and I wouldn't be able to put him in the car seat unless I hiked the onesie up so I was forced to come up with another outfit!
A Going Home Outfit for Mommy: I haven't quite decided what this outfit will consist of yet but I'm sure I will pack at least 2 different options so that I can decide depending on my mood.  The options I have in mind right now are a maxi dress or maternity leggings and a tank.
Baby Memory Book:  I plan on asking that the nurses add his little foot prints to his baby book so we won't have to worry about doing it at home later.
Camera, Cell Phones, i Pad, and Necessary Chargers: We may look like Asian tourists after we bring in all of our camera gear but I'm positive we won't be mad we took an insane amount of pictures while we were there.  Plus the cell phones and iPad will be a necessary bordem busters during different times. Underwire Free Nursing Bra: I hear I may or may not need this but either way it won't take up a ton of room so one is coming along.
A Change of Clothes and Bathroom Essentials for Tice:  This will prevent him from having to leave to go home at any part of our stay.
Gum or Breath Mints:  Tice may need this...
Baby Hats:  Tice has been hounding me that he doesn't want Sawyer to wear pink of any kind and I know that he is going to want to toss the hospital issued hat (you know the ones- they are blue, pink, and white)out as soon as possible so I plan on bring a hat or two for Sawyer so that he isn't hat less after Daddy gets rid of his first one!
Sooties: Again this is something that won't take up a ton of room but I may want so they are coming along!

So is there anything that I am forgetting and must bring along?