September 27, 2012

Flying with an Infant

Traveling with a baby can prove stressful…our road trip to Colorado was something that I worried about for weeks before we actually left.  Overall the trip was a huge success though and I felt as though we were extremely prepared.  Traveling by car I now feel pretty comfortable with- traveling by plane is a different story. 
We leave to go to Colorado next week and it will be our first flight with Sawyer.  My biggest concern isn’t whether or not he will cry uncontrollably on the flights- my main concern is are we bring everything we need in the most efficient way possible.  That’s because with all of the baggage fees now a days I don’t want to get completely screwed! 
Here’s the plan-
I am going to check one bag that will include all of my clothes as well as all of Sawyer's clothes.  This way I don't have to worry about a carry on on and lugging it all over along with a baby. 
One of our carry on’s will be our diaper bag.  In the diaper bag, I will have packed a shirt to change into if necessary for myself (I might get thrown up on and I do not want to smell like that for the whole trip), diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for Sawyer if necessary and a blanket.
When we initially arrive at the airport Sawyer will be in his car seat attached to our stroller base.  In the past I have seen certain airlines provide large clear plastic bags to put the car seat into when checking in.  I plan on asking for two at check in and then holding on to them until we reach our gate.  Once we begin to board the flight, we will then put the car seat into one of the bags- that is unless they have an empty seat and we can bring the car seat on board. We will put the stroller base in the second bag and then check them both at the gate.  Hopefully they stay clean and don't get damaged, lost, or stolen!!!  (This is seriously my biggest concern- am I crazy?)

Finally if we can't bring the car seat on board, Tice or I will wear the Ergo (which will be stored in the diaper bag) and hope that Sawyer just falls asleep for a majority of the flight.  I also plan on giving Sawyer a bottle on take off and landing even though our pediatrician said that we don't have to worry about there being liquid in his ears just yet because of his age (he said that becomes a problem when the baby is 6 months or older).  

Wish me luck that I learn a lot on the way there because on the way home Sawyer and I are flying home alone!

Have I thought of all most everything????  Any advice is needed and helpful!