September 21, 2012

Oh La La DIY

Zoe Karssen  Zoe Karssen 
Recently the sweatshirt above by Zoe Karssen has been seen all over the many fashion blogs that I stalk but this little beauty rings in at an unbelievable $160.  After looking at it a couple of different times I thought this can't possibly be that difficult to recreate so I set out to do just that.  

For the supplies needed to recreated the look I purchased a sweatshirt from WalMart for $6 and then had a paint brush and Martha Stewart fabric paint at home already so I was set.
 The plain navy blue sweatshirt that I picked up at WalMart
 My freehand of the words in a green Sharpie
 My Martha Stewart white fabric paint and brush
The finally product
A close up

All in all I think it turned out pretty cute- not perfect by any means but I know that with the sweatshirts style and cut I will happily wear it around the house and while running errands this fall with dark skinnies and flats!