April 3, 2012

Grand Junction Baby Shower

We (Baby T, Tice and I) were spolied big time at my Grand Junction baby shower on Saturday.  Not only was the weather wonderful and warm but I got showered with lots of love by an amazing group of women!  My mom and mother in law when you a lot of effort to make the day one I won't soon forget.  Just look below at some of the highlights from the day and you will be able to see what I mean!

The dessert spread and individual food cards to explain what you were about to eat!
The Dessert Buffet

Me, My Mother in Law, and My Mom- aka the Grandma's and Me!

One of the tables for the guests to sit at

The amazing diaper cake my mom created!
The whole dessert spread
Shauna and I!  Such a cute picture!
Some of the loot!
The super cute banner my mom created!  I'm planning on haning it in the nursery!
More Treats!
The loot!
The beginning of a handmade play mat for baby T (PS for those of you that didn't already know the blanket has Baby T's name on it!)
The handmade blanket that my mom created!  She used the same pattern that she used when she made my baby blanket so now Sawyer and I will match!
All in all it was an amazing day and trip as a whole back to Grand Junction.  Can't wait until we get to go back in August for Vicky and Kevin's wedding in Telluride!