March 17, 2013


In an attempt to outline some of the great accomplishments we have been able to achieve on our new house since moving in I decided to make a list of all of the completed items for each room of our house as well as all of the items I would still like to do- 

Here we go:

The Entry Way:
The entry way is nice and large and flows with the rest of what we refer to as the great room so there wasn't much that we needed to really do other then create some privacy and some accessories:
Completed Items:
  • Added picture frames to the three built in.
  • Created custom curtain panels for the windows on the sides of our front door (which match the fabric I used in the living room) and hung them
To Do Items:
  • Repaint the top of the built in bench due to scuffs 

Living Room:
Completed Items:
  • Create new coffee table, making it as kid friendly as possible.  
    • I purchased the coffee table, repainted the bottom, added an upholstered top in the same fabric as the entry way curtains, and placed a  decorative basket on top for holding remotes.
  • Purchase new sectional- We got ours from American Furniture Warehouse and love it!
  • Create new throw pillows for the sectional.  
    • Two of the pillows I used the same fabric as the entry way curtains and coffee table top.  Two other pillows I used a coordinating red.  Finally for the last two pillows I reused two pillows that we had previously had in Sawyer's room at our last house.
  • Purchase a comfy throw blanket
  • Build console table 
    • I put Tice to work and he created something that was the perfect length for around $80!
  • Accessorize console table- for the most part I just used items I already had with the exception of the silver elephant and the hydrangea.
To Do Items:
  •  Create or purchase something for under the TV arch so that we can keep Sawyer away from all of the cords that just lay on the ground as well as create some storage for toys.
  • Create or purchase some sitting cubes or low profile chairs for between the coffee table and our floor to ceiling windows to add some more visual interest to the space without blocking the view.
  • Create or purchase something to go just left of the TV, in between both of the sconces.  Thinking maybe a table or thin dresser and artwork.
  • Purchase rug for under the coffee table
Prior to this weekend this was the list of Completed Items:
  • Repaint our old wine cabinets black, which had been beaten up after our move and needed a fresh coat.
  • Repurpose our old dining table-turned desk into something even more visually interesting
  • Hang curtain rod and purchase curtain panels for the window.
  • Hang photos and our college diplomas 
  • Purchase desk lamps
After my dad came by this weekend the items with a star after them can be moved to the completed items list:
To Do Items:
  • Purchase a different desk chair
  • Bring computer downstairs and set up in office (currently it's upstairs in the Man Cave) (*)
  • Add a piece of wood in between our bookcases which will then be painted black to provide added desk space. (*)
  • Purchase a rug for under the desk
  • Organize our important documents into file folder boxes (*)
  • Accessorize both desk areas with picture frames and maybe some flowers (*)
Prior to this weekend
After our projects this weekend
All we need is a rug and a comfy chair and this room can be considered 100% complete!

Sawyer's Room:
Completed Items:
  • Hang picture frames on walls
  • Hang shelves above his crib and accessorize
  • Hang mobile
  • Display stuffed animals
  • Place rug under crib
Sawyer's room is the only completed room in my mind so I don't see me doing anything to it until he graduates to a bigger bed.

Guest Bedroom:
Completed Items:
  • Create headboard by reusing two of our old master bedroom panels and recovering them
  • Hang some art on the walls
  • Repaint our old master bedroom dresser and place in front of one of the windows
  • Place our old entry way table in our room and use as nightstand
  • Accessorize with a couple of picture frames on top of the dresser
To Do List:
I don't think I plan on doing to much more in this room because sooner then later it will be another nursery!

Dining Area:
This seems like it has become a dumping ground of sorts for us and is in need of a complete over haul!  Right now it houses accessories from our old house as well as our old dining set and buffet.

To Do List:
  • Purchase new dining table
  • Purchase 2 new head chairs for the dining table
  • Purchase 2-3 side chairs for the dining table
  • Repaint the dining bench
  • Create a pad for the dining bench in a fabric that will coordinate with the new chairs but also the living room.
  • Create curtain panels for the window just above the dining bench
  • Purchase metal wine racks that we will mount on the sides of the dining bench and can be used to display some bottles of wine
  • Create or purchase a buffet table
  • Accessorize the buffet table

The kitchen doesn't really need much as long as the other rooms around it come together like I am hoping for.  Although on my wish list is a new gas oven/range!

Man Cave:
This room was a room that I promised I wouldn't help from me in terms of how it will look.  The one thing that I did go ahead and take into my own hands was having my dad replace the toilet in the bathroom up there.  I never thought I would think a toilet is so cool but it is!

Master Bedroom: 
Completed Items:
  • Purchased two mirrored nightstands
  • Accessorized the nightstands
  • Purchased two matching lamps for the nightstands
  • Accessorize above the fireplace with basket/boxes 
  • Accessorize the built in that holds our TV
  • Hang frames on the walls
To Do Items:
  • Create striped curtain panels for the wall with the door and window
  • Create headboard 
  • Purchase or create a bench or chairs for the front of our bed
  • Purchase  two throw pillows in a purple for the bed
I thought I would take the worst picture possible so that once I provide an update picture you will all be blown away :)
Master Bathroom:
Completed Items:
  • Purchased baskets to place in the built in between the two bathroom sinks
  • Accessorize with items and candles
To Do Items:
  • Create a window treatment which matches the master bedroom window treatment for the window above the tub.
Laundry Room/Garage Entry:
This is such a small space that I don't really see us doing to much to this area except hanging a coat rack or creating a place to place our keys and my purse when we come in the door.  I'll have to think about it.

Half Bathroom:
Completed Items:
  • Hang three shelves above toilet
  • Hang framed mirror above the sink
  • Hang frames on wall
  • Accessorize the shelves
To Do Items:
  • Put different pictures in frames that are already hanging
As you can see I have a lot of things that I would still like to complete but I don't want to rush things/decisions because we are going to be here for a long time!

Let me know what you think about some of the changes I have made or tips for the items I would still like to complete!