April 4, 2013

Dear Sawyer Dylan (9 Months),

Dear Sawyer Dylan,

You are now 9 months old and can't be contained.  You are crawling all over the place and getting into everything.  Thankfully you haven't figured out how to open cabinets but I know it will only be a matter of time.

This past month you were able to do many different things for the first time including some of the following-
  • You received an early Easter present, a Fisher Price walker/activity center which plays music and allows you to walk around on.  You love it!
  • You got your first tooth!  Although it seems like on some days you had been teething since you were 4 months old this was the first actual sign of it.
  • You don't enjoy waking up from naps...in fact you are almost as bad as your dad when it comes to waking up after a nap.
  • You are extremely curious
  • You are able to pull yourself up on to furniture and then walk from one area of the furniture to the other.
  • You celebrated your first St. Patty's Day
  • You love hearing your own voice and loudly shout sounds all day long
  • You went to Telluride again!  Cousin Jeannie babysat one day so that daddy and mommy were able to go skiing/snowboarding while we were up there.  It was the first time mommy had been able to in over 4 years.
  • You also celebrated your first Easter.  Aunt Val, Uncle Mike, GG, GG, Uncle Zach, Lauren, and mommy were all their to help you look through the basket that the Easter Bunny brought.

You are growing so fast- next week is your 9 month check up with Dr. Voytas in Vancouver and we can't wait to see how much you have grown in the last 3 months.

Love Always,