June 19, 2013

Cleaning Tile Grout

Although not at all a glamours job I decided to tackle our tile grout.  I had NO idea how much time the job would end up taking but man am I happy with the results.  I saw on Pinterest a pin about someone who used carpet cleaner, let it sit for a couple of minutes, scrubbed it a bit and then wiped it clean so I decided to give it a try!

First I began by spraying our grout with carpet cleaner, waiting a couple of minutes then coming back and scrubbing it with this old hand brush I had.  This worked good at getting deep into the groves of the tile! The next step was to use our multi floor cleaner to go over the floors as a whole and then finally go over each grout line with a rag to really get the dirt and remaining water left by the floor cleaner.  Overall it worked good but as soon as I did our entryway I realized that not only was the grout in that area dirty so too were the tile faces themselves.  So in this area I followed all of the steps listed above plus used the hand brush which I dunked into a solution of soft scrub, dawn, and water.  The scrubbing took a long time for a small section but I will just continue working one section at a time and before you know it all of the tile in the house will be sparkling!

Have you recently tackled a big cleaning project like this one?