June 11, 2012

Luxe Safari Themed Nursery

One of my favorite design inspiration sites while I was trying to decide exactly what our nursery should look like was Cheapchicnursery.com so when it came time to sharing how the nursery came out I decided to structure it's reveal just like they do.
We wanted to create a space that could serve double duty, as both a nursery and a guest bedroom when out of town guests came to stay with us.  Therefore we decided to keep the queen size bed that was already in the room and work around it.  The inspiration for the design that followed was my husband's trip to Africa.  He had some of the most amazing photos of lions, zebras, and giraffes that we decided to pull from that once in a lifetime trip to make our little one's space extra special and sentimental.

Child's Name: Sawyer Dylan
Due on: July 17th
Location: Vancouver, WA
"This has been my most rewarding design project and I often find myself just hanging out in the room.  I can't wait for Sawyer to enjoy it half as much as I do!"

What was our inspiration for the room: My husband's trip to Africa and the pictures from that trip
Describe your decorating style: Contemporary with a large dash of DIY.  I love finding inspiration for items online and then finding ways to create them for our home and saving a bundle along the way.
Favorite item(s) in the room:  The zebra rug that I created by hand.  It was a labor of love but I feel that it makes the room in a big way.
Tell us about your DIY projects and repurposed items: Where do I start- a lot of the items were DIY but here is a complete list of the items: 
The Mobile
Some of the art prints in the frames
The Zebra Rug
The Changing Table Pad
The Refinishing of the Dresser
The Curtains (I reused the fabric from our tableclothes at our wedding!)

Any words of wisdom or advise you should share?  Try and choose one item to use as your inspiration for the entire room and build the room around that.  For instance I selected one of Tice's vacation pictures and then selected corresponding elements that would match the photo.  This will help you narrow your focus and help you select the projects or pieces that are most important to incorporate into the room.

The Details: