June 10, 2013

Dear Sawyer Dylan (11 Months Old)

Dear Sawyer Dylan,

Here are a few of your first this month!

After months of having a second tooth "ready to come in any day" you finally had that one plus your two front teeth on top pop through!  It was a long wait but you love using all four to chew on things including pizza and tortilla chips!

In addition to your new teeth, you also celebrated your first Mother's Day.  You and daddy gave me some beautiful new Prada sunglasses which mommy just loves!

You enjoy going to the pool and floating in your canopy float and had a bunch of fun when we went to the Country Club with Grandma Linda last weekend.  You should be ready to float for days by the time we leave for our trip to the Dominican Republic in just a few weeks!

You love being outside although your clothes and knees might not feel the same way!  You continue to crawl around on the patio and it's cement which has worn holes through a couple of pairs of pants.  Wish you liked playing on the grass more then the cement!

You enjoy the sun and can't get enough of it or the outdoors!

You have said "momma" and "hey" but haven't said those words for a while now...Daddy can't wait for you to add "dada" into the mix!

You are close to walking but have only just begun to stand for extended periods of time without sitting right back down or going down to your knees!  

Love you little man and can't wait to celebrate your birthday!