October 28, 2013

How I Spent My...Weekend

This weekend was a blast!  On Friday night Sawyer and I got haircuts and then because Tice was still out of town for work we went over to my parents house for some pizza.  On Saturday I was busy all day getting ready for our Halloween party which was impossible at times with a 16 month old.  Anytime I would pick something up or finish in a room he would start pulling things out left and right causing me way more work then I needed!  I was so happy once nap time rolled around that day and when Daddy finally got home around 3 PM.  

Everyone came over around 6 PM and we had some of the cutest and most creative costumes!  I was a German Barmaid, Sawyer was a spider, and Tice was the Lone Ranger.   My mom was Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's and my dad was Phil from Duck Dynasty.  Here are a couple of my favorite shots of the party.
The tablescape turned out great!  I will post a separate post later this week with those pictures.

Audrey and Phil

Mommy's Little Spider

The sweetest little lion cub

 Wonder Woman, Housewife who got knocked up by the Mailman, Babe the Blue Ox, Naughty Nurse, German Bar Maid, and a Crayola Crayon. 

 On Sunday we headed to Cafe Rio for an extremely important post drinking night lunch before heading to the Pumpkin Patch to meet up with some friends.  Sawyer had an awesome time and I was even brave enough to go down one of the slides they had- which was high and faster then even I thought it was going to be!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great week!