November 26, 2013

DIY...Wine Cork Dart Board

In order to get a jump start on some of the Christmas presents I plan on creating this year I decided to cross one off of my list this week, the wine cork dart board for my husband and his man cave  My parents have been collecting wine corks for longer then I can remember so when I mentioned that I wanted to create a wine cork dart board for Tice she offered up as many corks as I needed.

Here is how it turned out:

The grand total for this present came in under $15!  I simply took a spare piece of MDF we had laying around, purchased a dart board from Walmart for $10 and then purchased glue for my hot glue gun at Jo-Ann's for $2.75.  It look about an hour and a half but I think that it was well worth it and something that will really make a statement up in man cave.  

To begin I whipped any dust off of the board.  Then I traced the dart board on the board where I wanted it to go with a silver sharpie.  The silver sharpie allowed for the marker to blend in against the silver casing around the dart board and then I started gluing the corks down.  Finally once all of the full length corks were in place I screwed a screw into the board so that the dart board had something to hang from.  Once the dart board was in place I cut corks down to size and filled in around the dart board.

How do you think it turned out?

Thanks so much for stopping by!