April 15, 2014

DIY...Changing Table Pad Cover and Crib Sheet

When I was pregnant with Sawyer I remember thinking that a crib sheet was to big a project for my newly acquired sewing skills.  On top of that I try to only do projects/create items myself when I know I can create something similar but for a lot less then if I went out and purchased it.  I wasn't sure if a crib sheet would truly be that cost effective so instead of a sheet I created his changing table cover.  It was super simply and turned out great so when I realized how similar a crib sheet and a changing table cover are I decided to take on the crib sheet for baby girl's room and boy am I glad I did!  I was able to find perfect fabric that matched with my radiant orchid color scheme-which was not as easy as it sounds...that is a hard color to match.    I used this tutorial off of Pinterest for the changing table pad cover and this tutorial for the crib sheet.  Both were super simple to follow and I love how they both turned out.  Here is a peek at the fabric I used for both of them.  I will show you the final products once I reveal the finished nursery!

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