April 14, 2014

How I Spent...My Weekend

This weekend was both busy and relaxing all at once.  On Friday, Tice didn't get home until late so it was pretty much Sawyer and I for the evening.  On Saturday, Tice and I competed in a Community Knowledge Bowl for Rotary (which Tice is in) at our old high school.  Our team ended up getting third place, behind second by only 1 point!  Much better then the last place Tice had predicted for us!  We won a plague with our names engraved on it which Tice is planning on putting in his office.  After the competition we came home, changed and then headed to a nice dinner before the symphony.   Sunday, was boring or relaxing- which ever you would like to call it with Tice catching up on sleep before heading to the office for most of the day!

Overall a nice little weekend!

Thanks so much for stopping by- for your efforts here is a new picture of Sawyer!  I just love his wavy hair in this picture!