July 2, 2014

Happy Second Birthday Sawyer!

My last belly picture while pregnant with Sawyer at 36 weeks

His 1 Year Birthday Photos

Dear Sawyer Dylan,

You have blessed Daddy and I's life in countless ways and amaze us on a daily basis.  We are so lucky that we get to be your parents!  I often sit and think how much fun you are and that I can't imagine you becoming anymore fun but then you get a bit older, discover something new and it happens..you become even more fun!  

You have recently been talking up a storm and seem to have a word of the week that gets used all day and every day that week... just two weeks ago it was "huh" which you said after everything, anyone said to you.  Last week it was "no way" which you said with the biggest smile on your face and finally today, on your 2nd birthday, you said grandma for the first time ever.  It made your grandmas light up and caused them to have the biggest smiles on their faces!  

Your favorite things recently are playing outside, swimming, coloring with chalk or on paper, climbing on things and sliding down the big slide at the park, kissing baby sister in mommy's belly which just makes me melt, having treats (anything from cake to ice pops to ice cream cones), and drinking as much milk as we will give you.  

I can't wait for you meet your little sister once she arrives and for you to be the best big brother to her!  She will be so lucky to have you in her life, constantly watching over her and entertaining her.  

Happy Birthday big boy- mommy, daddy, sister, and your whole family love you more then we could ever put into words!

Love you,