November 12, 2014

Adventures in Kitchen Remodeling...Sinks and Faucets Part 2

Well the day finally came!  My new beautiful, fully functioning sink and faucet were installed yesterday.  Just as a reminder this is a picture of what we started with.  

Even though I didn't think it was possible these pictures make my sink and old faucet actually look worse then even I thought it was they managed!  The sink was cast iron and the faucet had leaked from day one and had been "fixed" with duct tape many times.  I think the worse part though was how the faucet hose hung down like that.  

Now drumroll please....

Here are the pictures of our new sink and faucet!

I can't even tell you how much I love them and how wonderful the kitchen looks now that they are here!

As I mentioned before I got a wonderful deal on our new sink here and am very impressed with the quality and design so far.

It made a huge difference didn't it?

Next up is our cabinet hardware which I have been working on for a while...more on that change later!

Thanks so much for stopping by!