April 23, 2015

Kinley's Nine Month Update

 Weight:  She is over 18 pounds but we will get the actual number in the coming weeks once she goes to the doctor for her 9 month appointment in the next week or two.

Health:  Thankfully as of late she has been healthy!  No colds, stuffed up nose, or fevers!

Sleep: Thank the lord she has started sleeping through the night lately and before that was only waking up once a night and only needed me to simply go in there, sing her a song or tuck her back in.  It is amazing how much of a difference it has made too to her entire routine.  Due to the fact that she is sleep better at night she is taking longer naps during both her morning and afternoon naps and is all around more happy!  I hope she continues on this path for the foreseeable future!

Social:  People are constantly telling me what a smily baby she is and how content she is.  If she is fussy it's only because she is hungry, tried, or has a diaper that needs changing.  If she isn't one of those things, she is the sweetest, happiest little girl!

Diet: The new food have continued coming at her on a daily basis and she seems to love them all!  Just this week we had toast with grape jelly, rice with hamburger, and diced cooked carrots...all of which were big hits.  She also loves Rice Patties that are flavored with apples and any type of yogurt drop we stick in front of her!

Clothes: The 6-9 month items are to small however she can still fit into some of them at night because most of her PJ's are that size but all of her summer clothes are 12-18 and she is easily fitting into those items at this time too.

Baby Gear:  She isn't really into any gear that is solely designed for her but has been loving putting shoes in to her mouth as well as crawling up on to furniture or pulling herself up in the bathtub.

Crying:  Like I said she doesn't really do much crying unless she is tried, hungry, or needs her diaper changed.  Such a happy girl!

Likes:  She will seek out shoes from a mile away so that she can put them in her mouth.  She also loves eating, hanging out outside, getting tickled and going on walks.

Postpartum:  Tice recently ordered me a new treadmill as my Mother's Day present which gets here next week and I couldn't be more excited about it's arrival!  I was spending as much time getting to the gym and back as I was actually working out so I can't wait to squeeze in more workouts during nap time!  There will be no excuses after it's arrival...

Milestones: Pulling herself up and taking steps while we support her all happened recently!

Here are a couple more of my favorite pictures of her this month:

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