May 27, 2015

Kinley's Ten Month Update

 Weight:  Still hanging around 18 pounds!  She is in the 55% for weight.

Health:  She is doing great!  No colds or fevers and even though a tooth came in she wasn't super worried/upset by it which was nice!

Sleep: Doing better- at our last pedi appointment we talked about how she wasn't sleeping through the night and that we were going into her room whenever she was waking up to retuck her in and try to calm her without a bottle or picking her up and our doctor told us to stop going in to her room all together.  She still wakes up occasionally but we don't go in anymore and she normally calms herself back to sleep with in a couple of minutes.

Social:  She is so smily!  Everyone also comments on what a good baby she is because she never fusses unless she is really tried or needs to eat.

Diet:  Eating anything we will give her although she does like something better then others.  She loves waffles, bread, corn, and any food packs we give her.  She normally inhales them within seconds.

Clothes: She wears clothes that are size 6-12, 9-12, and 12-18 depending on where the item is from.   She does have a really big head (95 percentile) though so some of the tops are harder to get her head through them and may need to be altered or retired sooner then later.

Baby Gear:  Not really using anything anymore- she can't be bothered!   We are starting to look into getting her a big girl carseat though and I would LOVE any recommendations you have have!

Crying:  Like I said she isn't a big crier...unless she is getting tired or hungry she doesn't really cry.  The only time that is an exception is when she gets run over by brother playing and falls or whenever she climbs over to pull herself up on something and then is to scared to get back down, ie climbing up on one of our window ledges and then won't step back down off of it.

Likes:  This kid is a lover of life and loves everything.  The swings at the park, the swimming pool, and going on walks.  She also loves her stuffed bunny Miss Hops A Lot.

Postpartum:  Doing well.  I have officially lost all of the weight that I gained with her- now I just have to lose the extra weight that I gained with Sawyer and wasn't able to lose before getting pregnant with Kinley.  The treadmill is helping a ton though.

Milestones: She started scooting/walking around furniture while holding on, and has her first tooth.  She also started shaking her head no whenever we say no.

Here are a couple more of my favorite pictures of her this month:

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