January 1, 2016

Currently Craving...Work It Out!

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Happy New Year's Day!!!  You know what time it is... resolutions time.

This year, it's time to get serious...it's time to make sure that I don't just keep thinking about the things that I would like to change around me but to actually take action and get them done.  The item at the top of my list is losing weight.  Ok, ok you say, you and everyone else but I'm serious.  The longer I wait to make a change for the good the harder it will be.  That's why I have decided to help myself out as much as possible from the very beginning by setting myself up for success.  I have gone ahead and listed every bite I will be taking for the next 2 weeks so that I can give myself a head start.

On top of extensive meal planning, I have also committed myself to a cycle of the 30 day shred.  I do NOT enjoy working out... I force myself every time I work out to do it and constantly need to change things up so that I am not bored.  I also run for a majority of my workouts so I would like to incorporate more strength training into my workouts.  That's why I am also going to complete the following workout everyday during my first two weeks:

Run 1 mile at a warm up pace
Complete Phase 1 workout from 30 Day Shred
Run 1/2 mile to finish

Staying motivated will come when I see the numbers on the scale and when I get the chance to begin sporting some of the new gym gear that I recently got like these new tanks, another pair of my FAVORITE leggings,  and this new sports bra.  I am also LOVING this pair of Nikes and would love to get my hands on them!  Here are a couple of other items that I know could help me stay motivated :)

Do you have any New Year's resolutions?  Are you also trying to lose a couple of pounds?  Any tips for staying on track?  Please let me know!

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