March 31, 2016

How I Spent...My Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter!  The kids got spoiled with fun goodies, lots of time with friends and family, and yummy food!

Enjoying her fruit snacks that the Easter Bunny brought

After opening their Easter baskets we headed to the club for brunch with Tice's brother, my parents and some friends.

My girlfriend's son was SUPER excited to see the bunny at Brunch
Sawyer on the other hand hit behind my girlfriend

After brunch we headed over to our friend's home for an Easter egg hunt.  We put tons of eggs out so the kids had tons to hunt for.

My mom and I (my dress available here)

My cute parents

The big kids after their epic egg hunt

The adorable cupcakes my girlfriend got

After the egg hunt we headed home to put the kids down for naps and then played some old school Nintendo! 
After naps we headed over to my parents for dinner and another egg hunt

My dress available here

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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