July 12, 2016

Sawyer's 4th Birthday

For Sawyer's birthday on two Saturdays ago we decided to cram in all of his favorite things into one day.  We started off by grabbing doughnuts before heading to the golf course.  After some golf and doughnuts we headed home for naps.  Once we rested up a bit, we headed to a local game/fun park where we got on some bummer boats.  Grandpa or Pok as Sawyer likes to call my dad and him had a ton of fun and got super wet!  After the bummer boats we headed to his favorite restaurant for Mexican food.  Once we finished up with dinner we headed home so that he could open his present from my parents, a giant treasure chest filled with pirate themed items, like swords, gold coins, a map, and an outfit my mom sewed!  All in all I think he had a wonderful day!

More than a little wet about the bummer boats

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