October 25, 2016

Recent Happenings...Dani's 30th Birthday Party

My girlfriends and our husbands celebrated my beautiful friend Dani's 30th birthday a couple of weekends ago and it was such a fun night!  We decided to change things up for the party and hired a private sushi chef to cook for the large party we had- spoiler alert - best decision ever!  He came straight to the house, cooked tons of yummy dishes, rolled up a bunch of delish rolls, and we all enjoyed the whole night in the comfort of my girlfriend Lynn's beautiful home.  We all had a wonderful time and I am so glad we got a chance to celebrate such an amazing, wonderful, kind, funny, helping woman that I am so blessed to call my friend!  

You know it's a special night when I pull these babies out (Shoes available here)
Surprising the birthday girl!
Cheers to Dani's 30th!  (My dress available here)
Our menu for the evening
All the girls (My dress available here (on major sale!) and Dani's dress available here)

Her awesome cake
(two above pictures taken by her husband)

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