January 3, 2012

Baby Registry

Anyone that knows me knows that I have very little patience and hate waiting for things so it should come as no surprise that I have already started to registry for the baby.  Most of the items I have tried to make gender neutral and have tried to stay away from any clothing.  After going through the pros and cons to the various wedding registries from our wedding when it came time to make a baby registry I searched for a registry that was easy for people to use, easy to add items to over time, easy to replace items if they sell out and need to be replaced and finally had a variety of options.  After looking high and low for a particular site that would provide all of these things I found, drum roll please....


So far the site has been amazing and I can not wait to start getting some feedback from those that use it so that I can ensure that the purchasing end is as painless as the registering end.  

If any of you have had any experiences with this particular site or others like it please let me hear your feedback!