January 17, 2012

French Dips

Although I had been pretty tired lately and therefore not feeling like making dinner I finally seemed to have lifted myself out of the cloud and made dinner the other night for the first time in a long time.  I tried to start easy so I got a chuck roast and placed it in the oven covered in garlic powder, salt, and pepper for two hours at 300 degrees.  Then I created a quick au jus and horseradish cream sauce.  The cream sauce I placed on one side of a loaf of french bread.  Once the meat was finished cooking we carved it up and piled it high on both sides of the bread and then cut the loaf into 4 pieces.  It was really good!
 The au jus
The final product- beef roasted to a perfect medium rare!
 A loaf of french bread cut into 4 sections
A mixture of sour cream and horseradish to smear on the toasted bread.
To build the final product I piled slices of the roasted beef on to a piece of the toasted bread then topped it with the cream sauce and dipped into the wonderful jus.  So simple and delicious!
I don't have a picture of the final product but I can assure you that it was great.