January 11, 2012

Take a WILD guess...

This morning we went in for a special screening test and ultrasound and while we were having the ultrasound done, the ultrasound tech asked if we were going to find out what the sex of the baby prior to its delivery to which we both replied, 

"YES!!!  I'm so impatient I wish we could found out today!"  

To which she said, "Well, I could tell you right now!"

We both were shocked and so excited that we would have the chance to find out what the baby is almost 7 weeks before you normally get to find out so we went ahead and told her to go ahead and tell us what it was.

Now here is where you come in, take a look at the ultrasound pictures below all you seasoned pros out there and take a WILD guess at what you think we are having.  

Guessing ends on Friday.  Good Luck!