January 13, 2012

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

Recently I have been thinking about nesting and how and when exactly it is going to kick in.  I already am what I would consider myself a clean freak but I have heard that nesting will take that to a whole new level! 

So far my list includes getting some projects completed around here that we haven't quite finished up yet like repainting our garage floor and organizing the garage in general.  Another item is cleaning all of our carpets with a steam cleaner.  Something else that came to mind was organizing all of the overflow stuff that is currently in the baby's room and figuring out if we really need it or not.

So there is my list of things I consider special cleaning opportunities set in only due to the nesting effect but I also plan on doing a huge once over on the house as a whole.

So I ask you moms out there, in your perfect world, what things were or would have been on your list,e if you had more time, of things/places to get cleaned and organized prior to the baby coming?