February 26, 2012

Nursery Design Ideas

The nursery is what I would consider one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make in a long time!  At least now we know its a little boy so I can set off in one direction instead of having to consider ideas for a little girl too but that still didn't seem to help a ton!  So I put together an inspiration board with all of the different elements that I am thinking of putting into the nursery.   The inspiration board wouldn't post to Blogger so I printed it out and took pictures of the whole thing in sections.  

We were able to purchase the chair and ottoman, the end table, the supplies to refinish an old dresser we have, and the lamp.  Plus I have been able to complete the rug, the curtains, and the closet dividers.  Just the crib and bedding before the major pieces are complete.  We are keeping the queen size bed that we currently have in there so that the room could also serve as a guest bed if necessary so that has been an interesting design element to contend with.  Of course as it gets closer I will show you pictures!
I'm hoping it turns out just like I am envisioning it in my head!