February 26, 2012

More DIY Projects

Here are a couple of my other DIY projects for the nursery and because of Pinterest there are more to come before the little guy it here!

Closet Dividers
Again the wonderful world of Pinterest enabled me to use this idea and create something extra special for the nursery.  I ended up purchasing 5 plastic dividers at the Container Store for $0.99 a piece and then used left over scrapbook supplies to decorate each piece.  I love how they turned out!
CU Themed Onesie
I was afraid that my college would get over looked when it came to getting gear for the little one so I made sure that when I was home in Colorado over the holidays to purchase some CU fabric and plain onesies so that I could make him something that showed my school.  During one of our group sewing sessions my friend Nicole had a bit of down time and put together one of the onesies.  I love how it turned out.  Here is a picture of it:

Football Themed Onesie
I saw this cute idea on Pinterest and just couldn't resist because the baby will be born near the beginning of football season and with us being such big fans I thought this little onesie would be perfect.  I purchased multi-purpose paint from Micheal's and  my mom got the onesie for me in Colorado at Hobby Lobby.  I  used masking tape to create the grid.  I think it turned out super cute...all for under $5.00!
Curtains for the Nursery
We had a couple of the table clothes from our wedding leftover and so ensure that we actually used the fabric for something I decided to make new curtains for the nursery.  Let me just tell you sewing silk is not something that I would recommend for a newer sewer because there were some times I wanted to throw my machine out the window but in the end they turned out great and I am so happy that there is a special element from our wedding displayed so perfectly in the nursery!

CU Burp Cloths
So I had some extra CU fabric after the onesie project so I went ahead and made 3 new burp cloths.  I love them!