March 18, 2012

Recent Purchases...My Non Diaper Bag Diaper Bag

We ended up purchasing this travel system for the baby- which I had wanted to purchase long before we were actually expecting and one that is with out a doubt the biggest splurge associated with the baby.  I can’t wait for it to get here!  We were able to get as good a deal as possible on it though by purchasing it at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I used a 20% off in store coupon and purchase it in Oregon so that we didn’t incur sales tax.  (Thank you Kari and Jonathan for letting me know I could purchase the item in store even if it wasn’t stocked in the store!)  We got the following item in Black and White 

But getting to the diaper bag…because the travel system has a built in diaper bag and includes a strap for easy handling off the stroller I decided I didn’t want to register for another diaper bag so I treated myself to a new purse instead.  I got it yesterday and boy is it big!  I will be able to carry around 30 diapers if I needed to but I love it and can’t wait to start loading it up with baby essentials.
Did anyone else purchase travel systems like our Orbit one?