March 19, 2012

Pregnant Chicken

Mondays are typically the day that I get on the scale and see how lucky or unlucky I am that all of those gummy bears and potato chips have or have not yet showed up.  This morning I was a bit depressed...guess it makes up for not gaining any weight last week so when I saw this article on my new favorite blog I thought I would share the little gem with all of you!  Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

PS- This may not be the best post to read while around a crowd of people or while at work...I laughed out loud so hard it was extremely difficult to muffle my laughter with fake coughs every 2 seconds!

The Pregnant Chicken is an awesome blog regarding parenting and pregnancy so follow it if you fall into one of those two categories or if you just like to read a blog written by an excellent writer!