May 7, 2012

DIY Crib Mobile

{Disclaimer:  Sorry I didn't take more step by step pictures but hopefully my description will be enough as well as pictures of the end product.}

I decided as soon we found out were were expecting that I wanted to create as many of the different elements in nursery by myself as possible.  One of the simplest items to DIY in my mind was the crib mobile. 

To begin you will need:
- Wire Wreath Frame
- Fishing Line
- Coordinating Scrapbook paper
- Hot Glue Gun
- Variety of Animal Cutouts/Printouts

I went to my local Michael's and purchased a wire wreath frame for about $2 after using a 40% off coupon. 

I then purchased some fishing line and coordinating scrapbook paper to match the decor in the nursery. 

I looked online for some cute cartoon animal images that I could cut out and add to the mobile.  Once you decide on the images print out multiples of each animal between 4-5 of each.  I picked a monkey, a giraffe, and a zebra.

Cut or paper punch the scrapbook paper into different shapes.  Once you have a large amount of paper cutouts, cut varies lengths of fishing line and break out the hot glue gun.

Hot glue the varies paper pieces and shapes onto the fishing line.  With the scrapbook paper I glued one piece of paper on one side and then placed another matching piece on the back so that the glue was covered.  I placed 6 to 10 paper cutouts on each line of fishing line.  For the animal images I placed one image on each piece of fishing line, all cut to varies lengths.

Once my lines of paper and cartoon images were completed I then tied them to the top of the wire wreath but before I began I placed a piece of fishing line at 5 different points at the top of the wreath.  These pieces are used to hang the mobile up once it is complete.  I made sure to stagger the lines of paper and images so that the wreath looked full and not lopsided.  Once all of the lines were tied were I wanted them I placed a small amount of hot glue on each knot of the fishing line so that they wouldn't move after placement.

Then I cut a long length of leftover fabric (I used a scrap that was left over from when I created my Boppy cover) that was 4 inches wide and ran it threw my sewing machine to create a "ruffle" to cover the wire wreath frame.  To achieve the "ruffle" I set my sewing machine to long basting stitch and set my tension to the highest setting.  Run the stitch down the center of the fabric, starting at one end and taking the stitch to the end.  The machine will do the "ruffling" for you as you go. 

Hang the mobile from the ceiling.  We used a small drywall anchor which provided more then enough support and strength because to be honest the mobile hardly weights anything once it is complete.

Marvel at your finished product!