June 20, 2012

Wheelchair Rides

Today was our weekly doctor's appointment to see how everything was going.  They wanted to double check to see if Sawyer was doing ok so after my normal appointment they sent us upstairs for a non stress test, which we both passed with flying colors.  Next it was time for the ultrasound.  I guess they thought that my legs weren't working for some reason because they sent up an orderly to take me down in a wheelchair to get the ultrasound.  The whole time I was thinking, "why on earth did they send a wheelchair, I haven't complained about lightheadedness or anything that would affect my ability to walk to the elevator?"  Here is a picture of me, super excited to being pushed around in a wheelchair.

The ultrasound came out looking great, my fluid levels have actually gone up even more then where they were at last week so bed rest must be working!  That or the 2 gallons of water I am drinking on most days (true story)!  They then wheeled me upstairs again for another non-stress test which again came out looking great!  They don't plan on giving me another ultrasound or another NST so its back to being held in the dark and having the surprise of my life once Sawyer decides he is finally ready to meet us on the outside!  

My contractions have also gone way down so it seems like Sawyer is going to stay nice and comfy for a while longer.  My face in the picture above can tell you how I feel about that!