July 24, 2012

Body Back After Baby

Although I know that it's early on to start worrying about this they do say a happy mommy means a happy baby so I thought it couldn't hurt to start getting back into shape- slowly but surely.  

I plan on using Weight Watchers once again to get my eating back into shape.  My diet is by far the hardest part for me when it comes to losing weight.  Exercise- no problem- just give me my iPod packed with great music and I can get in a good sweat no problem!  Food though is not as easy to get in check.  Measuring is going to be eye opening after not having done this during my entire pregnancy or for a couple of months leading up to it!  

So even though I don't have a true plan other then following the nursing mothers plan on Weight Watchers and exercising more I am looking forward to fitting into my old clothes again!  Wish me luck!

Hopefully putting the plan into words will help me stay on track!