July 23, 2012

Dear Sawyer Dylan

Dear Sawyer Dylan,
You are officially 3 weeks old today!  Boy time sure flies when you are living life in 2 hour increments.   Here are a couple of this week's highlights-

- You might earn yourself the nickname Squeaks because of all of the different sounds you make when you are awake or waking up from a nap!  See the video below for proof.

- You are a strong little man- you frequently headbutt mommy and daddy when you are being held because you are so excited to get the chance to look around and use your neck and back muscles. 

- You and daddy have allowed mommy to use you both as models and take some pictures of us all as a family!  Here is one of mommy's newest favorites.

Plus a special shout out to both Sawyer and I- we made it through 36 hours all on our own!  Tice went to a bachelor party in Bend over the weekend and left us on our own.  It kinda scared me but we made it through!  Thank you Sawyer for sleeping good that night-even if it was in 2 to 3 hour increments!

We love you Sawyer,
Mommy and Daddy