July 16, 2012

Dear Sawyer Dylan

Dear Sawyer Dylan,
This past week has been full of joy and discovery.  Here are just a couple of highlights-

- You entered a growth spurt in the last 36 hours and that means all you want to do is nurse and make daddy try to get you to sleep for 2 hours straight.  Hopefully Google is right and this only last for another 12 to 36 hours because I don't know if your sleep deprived parents can handle it for much longer without a break!

- You love baths!  Your umbilical cord feel out this week which meant that you could finally take a real bath and you loved it!  PS you look adorable in your hooded towel collection!

- You continue to love to play the game "how fast can I make this clean diaper dirty?!"

- Your little sneezes are the cutest things in the world.  Hopefully mommy can get one of these on video before you stop doing them!

- This week you have discovered just how much room there is to stretch on the outside and have been loving lifting your arms above your head and pushing on things with your long legs!

 Mommy using him as a prop one afternoon for a little photo session
 Just hanging out with Daddy
 Just hanging out

Love Mommy