July 11, 2012

Dear Sawyer Dylan

Dear Sawyer Dylan,
In your first week of life you have thrown curve balls at us left and right.  Here are a couple of our most memorable.

The first night we had you home nothing would make you happy- hiding in the closet took on a whole new meaning that night.  Both mommy and daddy took turns for 3 hours trying to console you.  We looked at each other at one point and said "maybe one is enough!"  Luckily by morning we had come to our senses and one day you should expect a sibling.

You LOVE peeing all over the place- your face, your belly, and the couch.  The couch has had to be cleaned more then once this week in various areas.  

Daddy wonders why the diaper wipes tend to be dried out-  tell him it's because he always leaves the lid up on the wipes once he has changed you.

As soon as your diaper is changed and the new diaper is under you bum you immediately start peeing all over the place and ruin the new diaper we were going to put on you.  You have done this about 5 different times and mommy hates wasting things!