July 29, 2012

Sleep Tight Little Baby

So after Tice was up with Sawyer from 2:30 until 5AM this morning trying to get him to go back to sleep I decided to look into some tips in how we can get Sawyer to sleep better at night and begin to have stretches that are longer then 2 1/2 hours. So after looking at a ton of stuff online I discovered that we had not yet created a bedtime routine for him yet. We previously have been all over the board, starting to get him ready anytime from 7 to 10 PM and almost never doing the same thing in the same order each night. Therefore we decided tonight was the night to try and start his official bedtime routine.

Here is what we decided:

7 PM Head upstairs for a bath
7:15 PM Get him dressed in pjs, a fresh diaper, and swaddled.
7:30 PM Give him a bottle in our dark bedroom with 3 oz of breast milk. This will ensure that we know exactly how much he is drinking before bed so that we don't run into the chance of him waking up in an hour or two because he didn't get enough to eat.
7:45 PM til who knows how late...try to get him sleepy enough to place in the pack and play in our room- i'm shooting for awake yet drowsy.

We are about an hour in our shot on night one and he isn't really digging anything. He has only been falling asleep by us gently bouncing him in his little bouncy chair. Then we have been transferring him from his chair once he falls asleep into his bed in the pack and play.

...here's hoping I'm not up until tomorrow trying to get him to sleep tonight!!!

Oh and by the way...any tips or your own personal experiences are welcome!

And just for fun here is a picture of him actually sleeping only at 4 this afternoon...