September 13, 2012

Our Newborn to Three Months Essentials

Although we haven't made it to 3 months just yet (thank goodness- time sure it flying) I wanted to compile a list of items that we have just fallen in love with and can't live without.

Newborn to Three Month Essentials


First and foremost our stroller is the most amazing baby item we have purchased- hands down!  It's the Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2.  It costs us a pretty penny but I can tell you it is worth every single one.  We did luck out by purchasing it at Bed Bath and Beyond and using a 20% off coupon.  

Not only does it fold up easy, can be controlled with just one hand, has what they call a Paparazzi Shield™ extension  (which we use every time we go out to cover the front of the seat so that random people can not reach in and touch him), plus it rotates 360 degrees and clicks into the car seat base in the car and the base on the stroller with the lift of a lever on the side.  This thing is beyond easy to use and we just love it.  Plus it's not a bad thing that EVERY SINGLE time I go out (I am not making this up) I have at least one person say how neat it looks!


One of the other items that we just can't live without include the aden + anais 4 Pack Swaddle wraps.  They are large and light weight (perfect for our summer newborn) and were super easy to swaddle him in.  

One of the other items that has been a life saver is Sawyer's Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Swing. He loves the thing and we love it to because it can immediately get him to go to sleep if we are having a problem getting him to go to sleep on his own plus if we keep it on it can prolong his naps which in turn prolong mommy and daddy's naps if necessary!  They don't have the Bunny model anymore but they do have a new monkey version which is pictured and linked below.

Finally the last item that we just could live without has been the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles.  We started using them as soon as we began to get a bed time routine established so that we could more closely monitor exactly how much milk he was drinking before bed as well as to easily give him his Vitamin D and he just loves them.  He won't take any other bottle because he loves these so much!