September 8, 2012

Recent Purchases

Although I have always been a fan of Target I haven't purchased any clothing or accessories from there in ages.  However this afternoon was a different story!  I found a couple of cute items that I couldn't live without!  One of the items that I had on my fall wish list was a cross body bag.  Ever since having a baby I have a ton of items that need to be hauled around but I hate having the diaper bag act as my purse so in order to lighten my load I decided I needed to just get a smaller purse and one that was easy to carry.  Hense a small cross body bag.  When I saw this one today at Target I knew it was perfect.  I love the color- it's something I will be able to wear with anything!

I also had a polka dot top on my fall wish list so when I saw this one I immediately grabbed it!  It was the last one in my size so it was kinda meant to be!  I love the delicate detailing.

On top of these two items I received in the mail today my J. Crew inspired bubble necklace which I got for a steal of a deal!  Here is the link to the Ebay store that I purchased it from!  I already purchased the turquoise version of the real thing at J. Crew for my Mother's Day gift but I didn't want to spend that much again and wanted the fuchsia version so I am so excited that this came in the mail!