January 9, 2013

Crafty with Corks

Tice and I love wine so that means once a bottle has been finished off we have a cork and after many bottles of wine you have many corks which led me to create the following projects for our new home.  

The first was an idea that I saw on Pinterest, found here.  All it is made up of is a yard stick (which I got from my mom- she had two), some hot glue, and corks.  Then I simply put some hot glue on the yard stick and then laid the corks on top of the hot glue.  I placed the finished product on a some wall that jets out close to our pantry with two small nails.  It will work great as a message/reminder board!

The second project was one that I came up with on my own, a wine cork trivet.  To create it all I did was grab a ton of corks and some hot glue and glued the corks together.  It worked out perfect on Christmas Eve when I placed a bowl of hot risotto on it!